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Chakra provides an extended variety of applications for almost every need and interest. There are applications for viewing and editing images as well as organizing your photo collection. There are programs for playing videos and managing your music collection. There are also educational programs for students and teachers, as well as games to entertain you for hours.

This page gives an overview of the different kinds of application that Chakra offers, grouped by function or use. The listed packages can be downloaded from the Chakra official repositories,.

If you miss any package in Chakra, first make sure you've already searched the official repositories and the Chakra Community Repository. If you can't find the package in any of them, consider requesting it.

You can also find some interesting applications in Docker.


These applications provide the core functionality of a basic Desktop, giving you the power to manage and customize your desktop to your liking. These are probably the most common programs you'll be using for day-to-day tasks.

A GNU distribution wouldn't be complete without tools to create software. The rich software ecosystem includes applications to make programmer's lives a lot easier, from simple file comparison tools to a full-blown Integrated Development Environment.

Have fun!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then hundreds of images would say millions. Chakra provides programs that let you view and manage your images and photos, view different kinds of documents, as well as to create your own images.

Chakra makes the exchange of information between computers easy by providing a wide variety of applications for the Internet, networking, and communication. Browse web sites, communicate with others, control another computer, access remote files as if they were in your own hard drive, and more! Chakra software connects you to the world.

Transform your desktop into a mini-media center. Play your music, watch your videos, manage your collections, or back them up on CDs and DVDs. Liven up your experience with Chakra Linux multimedia capabilities.

Get organized with Chakra! With a standards-compliant office, productivity and groupware applications, as well as other useful tools, Chakra helps you take control not only of your computer, but your life and work as well.

Security is an important matter when using a computer, and you will find in Chakra applications to help you protect your privacy.

Preferences-system.pngSystem Administration
Chakra gives you the tools to be the master of your own computer. System monitors, software managers, system settings, and much more.

Chakra provides dozens of tools that add value to your desktop. They may not be big or sophisticated, but these utilities are a class of their own, providing convenience and power to your everyday computing.

Utilities-terminal.pngCommand Line
Many useful applications neither have a launcher in the menu nor a graphical user interface.
They are rather backends used within the terminal, in bash scripts or by GUI-Applications.

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Utilities-file-archiver.pngReport Outdated Packages
You've notice there's a newer version of a package? Tell us!