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Chakra Repositories are full of binary packages for KDE, Qt and CLI applications, upgraded right after their upstream releases.

Repository List

Main Repositories

Chakra has four main repositories. There are also <repository>-testing versions of each, where testers make sure everything is okay before moving to stable repositories.

Base of the system with KDE Frameworks and Plasma groups
KDE Software Compilation packages and Chakra tools with a full list of general applications and games
x86_64 packages compiled against i686 libraries.
The best must-have Gtk applications.

Testing Repositories

Before getting into stable, some packages are previously tested, put in a testing repository. These are the testing repositories currently available:

General packages to be later moved to the stable repositories.

Unstable Repositories

There are some applications and other software that are still considered to be unstable, but are included in Chakra anyway. There are also packages built right from the CVS, not waiting for an official release.

Notice that you can't have both CVS and non-CVS versions of the same package installed. Example: you can install rekonq from [apps] or rekonq-git from [unstable], but you can't have both installed at the same time.

Development versions of general packages
Development versions of KDE Software Compilation packages (only in use when testing RC of major KDE updates)

Managing Repositories

Repositories are listed at the end of the /etc/pacman.conf like this:

Include = /path/to/mirrors/list

By default, the path to the mirror list is /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist.
Following this syntax, you can add, remove and replace your current repositories.

Repository Layout

The official Chakra repositories are layed out in a very specific way to allow the Chakra distribution to remain stable, and to make development and packaging easier.

There are also rules that must be followed before packages are moved into a repository. Some rules are shown below.

Simplified layout of the official Chakra Repositories.

See Also

Network-server.pngChakra Mirrors
Chakra mirrors are servers which store official Chakra packages. This way packages can be downloaded from a server close to you. Thus reducing your download time.