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Utilities-file-archiver.pngBecome a Packager
Chakra is a small project, trying to do a lot of things with very few people. Packaging is a fundamental task which requires just time, time to learn to package and time to do it. This will also give developers more time to code.

Utilities-file-archiver.pngHow to upload a package to the CCR when it exists in Arch Linux repositories or the AUR
Since the CCR software is a clone of the AUR software and Chakra is derived from Arch Linux, uploading source packages from their repositories to the CCR is easy most of the time.


Utilities-file-archiver.pngChakra Packaging Standards
These packaging standards should be always followed when packaging for Chakra, either for the official repositories or for the Chakra Community Repository.

Files Involved

An package build description file used when creating packages.

Text-x-patch.pngHow to create a patch for a package
Sometimes, it's necessary to modify original source code for an application to compile or install correctly. Learn here how to apply that modification.

Text-x-patch.pngSubmit a Patch
Do you want to submit a patch to Chakra's code? Learn what you need to do here.

Official Repositories

Chakra-gradient.pngPackages Build System
Learn how to create and maintain packages in the official repositories.