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Chakra mirrors are servers which store Chakra packages so you can choose one closer to your location than the primary file server, both reducing the primary file server bandwidth usage and your download time - everybody wins. You have below the official Chakra mirror list, which can also be downloaded from Chakra repositories.
Package: pacman-mirrorlist

Where $repo is one of the Chakra Repositories and $arch is x86_64. In order to enable a mirror, it must be uncommented (the # in front of it must be removed). You can enable several mirrors, in which case they will be using in its order of appearance in this file, and whenever one fails, next is used.

Create a mirror

Size of a mirror

The current space needed by a mirror is around 32 GiB for packages and 70 GiB for releases. This size will surely evolve a bit over the time and that's why we recommend to have at least 128 GiB of free space to consider creating a mirror.

Mirror creation

Creating a mirror of our repositories is easy. You need rsync on your server. To create or update your mirror, use this command:

 rsync -av --delete-after rsync.chakralinux.org::packages chakra

This will create/update a mirror of our complete package repositories inside the chakra directory. To create or update a mirror of the releases, use this command:

 rsync -av --delete-after rsync.chakralinux.org::releases chakra

Announcing your mirror

If you want your mirror to be a public one (it helps us a lot), we can include it into our list of mirrors. Send an e-mail to staff@chakralinux.org with the URL and your contact information.

Traffic Warning

Just to warn you: The repository on our server generates around 20 TiB traffic per month. This doesn't have to be the case for your server (especially because a lot of people use our server to get updates a bit earlier), but if your server has limited traffic, you should definitely check the bandwidth usage from time to time.