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Chakra's first-boot wizard, a fork of Pardus's Kaptan.
Package: kapudan
Kapudan screenshot.


In order to further improve the desktop experience for its users, Chakra decided to create a fork of the excellent "Kaptan" application originally developed for Pardus Linux. This beautiful "desktop greeter" now runs on first-boot for new Chakra installations, and allows users to tweak various aspects of their installation, such as the theme and wallpaper, keyboard layout, mouse settings, services to be started at boot time, firewall and other security settings, and more. This application is not limited to new users- it can be installed and used by anyone. You can read more about Kaptan here and here. Kapudan's forum thread is here. To install Kapudan (if it is not installed already), just run sudo pacman -S kapudan

About the Name

We wanted to acknowledge the Pardus developers who originally designed Kaptan, so at first it was planned to keep the name the same. However, the main Kaptan developer did not respond when asked his opinion of keeping the name, and since we have changed/will be changing large amounts of the code, have created new artwork, and have re-branded the app as a Chakra tool instead of Pardus's, it was not quite right to use the same name. As a compromise, the name "Kapudan," the archaic of the Turkish "Kaptan," has been chosen.

Contribute to Kapudan

If you are a translator, feel free to submit translations for your language. If you are a python developer, you can fork Kapudan on Gitorious, and submit merge requests. Otherwise, just try Kapudan, and tell us about any bugs you find. Thanks!