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Package.pngInstalling Packages
Basic introduction on how to install and remove packages on Chakra.

In GNU/Linux distributions, software is usually not downloaded from seperate websites all over the internet. Instead, applications are available on the central repositories of the distribution, ready to install.

Distribution Forms

Chakra distributes software in three different forms:

  • Packages. Archives containing software that gets installed on your system. This is the most common method of software distribution among GNU/Linux distributions.
  • Source Packages. These allow you to easily get a package built from sources.

Distribution Sources

You can get applications you can install on Chakra from two different sources:

Software Management Applications

There are several applications you can use to get software installed or removed on Chakra from the different available distribution sources:

Graphical Applications
Packages (official) Source Packages (community)
Command-Line Applications
Packages (official) Source Packages (community)

Usually, graphic applications are easier to use and more intuitive, while command-line applications are more versatile.

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