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This manual will guide you through the process of installing Chakra in your computer, from choosing the image which better fits you to login into your new operating system. The process is quite easy, so don't worry, you're going to handle it for sure.


Preferences-system-login.pngSystem Requirements
Minimal specs to run Chakra

Partitionmanager.pngPreparing to Install Chakra
Before getting started you've got to have a machine lined up, get your hard disks ready, and download your Chakra media. Find out how here!

Here you'll learn to boot into your live session, where you can play around all you want. Then we'll walk you through installing Chakra to your hard drive.

Drive-harddisk-backup.pngGRUB Configuration
If you installed Chakra to the free space of a hard disk which had previously one or more operating system, you might discover now you can't boot them. Don't worry, they are not gone, just hidden. Configure your GRUB so you can boot them too.

See Also

Drive-removable-media-usb.pngInstall using a GPT partition table
Using a GPT partition table to install Chakra has quite a few benefits. Better usage of very large HDD's, and more primary partitions possible. Included is a tutorial for dual booting with MacOS.

Drive-removable-media-usb.pngInstall to an USB HDD or USB flash drive
Installing Chakra onto an external HDD or USB flash drive gives you the advantage of having a portable install, and an easy way of trying out Chakra, with all your own settings, without changing your main (internal) HDD.

Drive-harddisk-chakra.pngInstall From Hard Disk
In certain situations you might need to install Chakra from another GNU system on the same hard disk, or you might want to do it just for fun. Learn here how.

Nvidia.jpgInstall Nvidia on LiveCD
Learn how to install the proprietary NVIDIA graphics drivers from your live system.

Win-like-userbox.pngAdding Chakra to a Hard Disk Alongside of Windows
This tutorial will guide you through the process of getting free space to install Chakra, installing it, configuring a dual boot with your current Windows system and getting started with your Chakra system.

Drive-harddisk-chakra.pngInstall on a Mac
A guide to install Chakra on a Macintosh computer as only OS, replacing MacOS.

Torrent.pngDownloading Chakra using torrents
User contributed list of available torrent sites to download Chakra ISO's.