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System-users.pngGet Involved
Chakra is developed by the community and for the community. If you like Chakra and feel part of its community, don't hesitate: contribute! You can donate money, join development, write documentation (like this page), report bugs, and much more. Find out various ways you can contribute to Chakra in the list below.

Give us feedback

Utilities-file-archiver.pngRequest a Package
Do you miss a package? Can't find it in the official packages and bundles or in the CCR? Consider requesting it.

Utilities-file-archiver.pngReport Outdated Packages
Noticed a newer version of a package? Tell us!

Tools-report-bug.pngReport a Bug
Have you found something that's not okay and should be fixed? Report it. We can't fix bugs we don't know.

Get into the community

link= Forum[Forum|Forum]
If you find no documentation at all about your problem on the Internet, or if you just want to get in touch with the community, use the forum.

If you need step-by-step help for something that's not documented in any place referenced above, you might try IRC. Maybe there's someone online who has the time and knowledge needed to help you. It is also a way to get in touch with the Chakra community and developers.

Kmail.pngMailing Lists
There are also mailing lists you can use to get help with certain matters.

Social-Media.pngCommunity Portal
Chakra has a great community and there are lots of ways to keep in touch, from social media to language/country-specific sites.


Applications-office.pngWrite Documentation
You can write documentation pages (like this one) for the Chakra wiki to help others find their way in Chakra Linux.

Would you like to enjoy the Chakra experience in your own language or another one you like? Help with translations.

Utilities-file-archiver.pngBecome a Packager
Chakra is a small project, trying to do a lot of things with very few people. Packaging is a fundamental task which requires just time, time to learn to package and time to do it. This will also give developers more time to code.

Text-x-patch.pngSubmit a Patch
Do you want to submit a patch to Chakra's code? Learn what you need to do here.

Utilities-terminal.pngJoin Development
Do you think you can contribute code to Chakra? Do it! Patches are welcome. And maybe you would like to be a member of the development team.

Go a step further

Network-server.pngCreate a Mirror
Do you have a server or know about one that could become a mirror for Chakra packages? Great! The more servers around the world, the faster users can download Chakra software.

Chakra is developed by volunteers, but we need money in order to maintain our main server which is our face in the web and hosts our packages, our forums, our documentation, and many other services we need to continue this project and improve it. Please, consider making an economic donation to support us.