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Chakra development is not a secret, it's open to everybody to read. Most contact between developers is done through Mailing Lists and IRC.

Getting Started

If you are interested in getting involved with development for Chakra, even if you don't have any experience, let us know! Get in touch with the team on IRC, by email, or via social media. We'll be more than happy to find something you can work on and help get you up and running.

Most Chakra projects are written in C++, Python, and/or Bash, so if you have some experience in one of these, even better! You can view our projects here: [1]. Projects related to the Chakra Community Repository are hosted on GitHub [2].

Review Board

Here is our Review Board installation which we use for code review. It is convenient to use RBTools, which requires a .reviewboardrc file in the root of your cloned git repository. The file should contain these lines:

REPOSITORY = "<repository_name_here>"

Where <repository_name_here> is replaced by the name of the repository, e.g. "akabei" or "akabeicore". Currently rbt setup-repo will only match the repository "test", which has been fixed upstream but not yet made it into a release.


Start-here-branding.pngGeneral Development Guidelines
Guidelines for developing Chakra software.

Development Tools

Start-here-branding.pngChakra Tools
The Chakra Project develops some tools to improve the Chakra experience.


How to get a Chakra project on Transifex for translations, and how to sync back the translations.