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Chakra-gradient.pngChakra Tools
Chakra developers, on the way to improve the Chakra experience, work on certain tools which aims to make life easier for Chakra users. This applications supply solution for system-specific issues, like software management and installation, system installation or system configuration. You have a list of them below, linking to their respective documentation.

System Installation

An intuitive and powerful graphical application to install Chakra Linux into your hard disk. Tribe allows you to easily perform your initial configuration and even decide the best way to split Chakra into several partitions improving its general performance. To-Do List.

System Configuration

A desktop greeter and first-boot configuration tool forked from Pardus's Kaptan.

Software Management

Chakra package manager, currently being actively developed, and future replacement for Pacman.

A Chakra Bundle Manager.

A feature-rich graphical interface for Chakra Linux software management.