Chakra Compared to Other Distributions

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Krdc.pngChakra Compared to Other Distributions
This page contains links to other pages that attempt to draw a comparison between Chakra and other popular software distributions. Those pages may help a person to decide if Chakra will suit their needs. Although reviews and descriptions can be useful, first-hand experience is invariably the best way to compare distributions.

Archlinux-icon-256.pngArch Linux
Chakra's internals are pretty similar to Arch's, since Chakra was born from it. Also, right now both share pacman and makepkg as the package management system. But Chakra gets more different from Arch every day.

Opensuse logo.pngopenSUSE
A popular KDE focused distribution that is known for customizing the KDE desktop. openSUSE is a power user focused distribution that offers many of its own unique tools.

Ubuntu logo.pngUbuntu
One of the most popular Linux distributions which is known for its goal of creating a market leading, free and open source operating system. Ubuntu is based off of Debian and uses Gnome as its desktop environment and Unity as its shell interface.

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Chakra-gradient.pngChakra Linux
In case your current operating system is not listed above, you might want to just learn about Chakra and its features directly.