Beginner’s Guide

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Start-here.pngBeginner’s Guide
Welcome. These pages will guide you through the process of learning to use Chakra from the very beginning, familiarizing yourself with it and discovering its secrets. We’ll walk you through the whole process: downloading Chakra, creating a bootable live media, installing it, and finding your way around the desktop! The journey begins here.


Chapter 1: What's Free Software?
It's not what you think...
Chapter 2: What’s GNU/Linux? What’s Linux?
What’s all that stuff?
Chapter 3: Why Chakra?
Is it really needed?


Chapter 4: Get ready…
Get yourself organized.
Chapter 5: Install!
Get it done.


Chapter 6: Plasma Desktop Basics
Welcome to a whole new world. Let's make the most of it!
Chapter 7: Software Management Tools
Time to install and update stuff.
Chapter 8: Finding the Application for the Job
Lots of programs, how about some suggestions?

Going Deeper

Epilogue: Tutorials
Learn to solve specific challenges.
Extra Credit: Get Involved
Come join us!