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Chakra package manager, currently being actively developed, as a future replacement for Pacman.


Some very basic commands for everyday use. For simplicity the below commands use sudo when a privileged operation is required, but can be omitted because akabei can call polkit to grant administration rights.

Tip: Did you know that akabei can be used with the same pacman syntax? with pakabei is possible

sync the database and then update the system:

sudo akabei upgrade

Update the system:

sudo akabei update

Sync only the database:

sudo akabei sync


To install a package (best to always run akabei update, before installing):

sudo akabei install <package_name>

Removing Packages

If you want to only remove the package, the following command is sufficient:

sudo akabei remove <package_name>

To remove the package and those of its dependencies that aren't needed by any other application, do

sudo akabei clean <package_name>


Info about an installed package:

akabei info <package_name>

Queries the repo about a packages, and all that depend on it:

akabei deps <package_name>

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