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Welcome to the Chakra Wiki, your source for Chakra documentation.

Start-here.pngThe Complete Beginner’s Guide to Chakra
In these pages you’ll learn to download Chakra, create a bootable live media, and install it on you computer! You’ll also be introduced to your KDE desktop, learn to use Chakra’s software management tools, and get a taste of the great software available for you.

General Information
Learn more about the Chakra community and its software, and find information to help you get started. You might want to start with the FAQ...
Chakra-shield.png System-help.png System-help.png Krdc.png
About Chakra FAQ Glossary Distribution comparisons

Get Started
Here you can find instructions that'll help you do just about anything with your Chakra Linux system.
Tools-media-optical-format.png Drive-harddisk-chakra.png Applications-other.png Applications-other.png
Creating a Live Media Installing Chakra Installing software with Pacman Installing software with Octopi More…

Discover the wide variety of applications available for Chakra, and find out which ones suit your needs and preferences.
Network-server.png Repository.png Chakra Community Repository.png Applications-other.png
Mirrors Repositories CCR Applications More…

Discover how to configure Chakra to work with the many different kinds of hardware it supports.
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Out-of-the-box Fixable Problematic Unsupported More…

Get Involved
Would you like to help? Learn about the ways you can contribute to the Chakra community.
Applications-toys.png Tools-report-bug.png Tester.png Utilities-file-archiver.png
Donate Report a Bug Become a Tester Become a Packager More…

Check how the development is going on and submit your own ideas.
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Schedules Brainstorm Chakra-Live Buildsystem Chakra Tools More…